A year in review

Okay, I know, a couple weeks late here, but better late than never. Right? I thought I would do a quick recap of our top ten highlights (or lowlights, apparently we have a lot of those) of 2007. So, here goes it:
1. Our big girl turned 4 (old news now b/c she's already 5!)
2. Our little girl turned 1.
3. We put our house on the market.
4. Hubby had shoulder surgery.
5. I turned 27. Yippee.
6. We got an offer on our house, made an offer on another & started packing like mad. Unfortunately it all fell through in the end. The stress about killed me, but we survived.
7. We took the house off the market for a while.
8. Hubby got a raise - yay!
9. Hubby turned 29 (one more year, honey...)
10. Hubby had knee surgery (which he is still trying to recover from)

Not an extremely eventful year, but enough. I just wish there were more positive things on that list (specifically less surgeries & more moving, but whatever.)

Here's to 2008. May it be filled with more positive than negative, but most of all may we get through it all happily together.

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