Time flies when you're raisin' babes

My baby girl is a five-year-old. It feels like sort of an accomplishment! She is practically school-aged... and coming this fall, she really will be. I'll be sending her off to kindergarten to begin a whole new era in our lives. Wow.

I'm so thrilled that her party went well. We let her invite friends from preschool to Chuck E Cheese for her first real "kid party", and her three best little girlfriends came. We also had cousins & lots of grandparents, aunts & uncles in the mix. Big crowd, but lots of fun. And I actually survived. For maybe not-so-obvious reasons, I was slightly stressed about the whole thing. Okay, so yes, I do tend to get stressed about, oh, just about everything. I know. But it went well, kids had fun, no heart attacks here (although the birthday girl about had one at the sight of the big mouse himself...let's say she's NOT a fan -- or maybe terrified would be a better word ;o). In the end, it was a success. And it was wonderful to watch her have fun and interact with her friends like a real person. That might have been the most awe-inspiring part...

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