The scrapping saga continues


That's right. This obsession is lasting slightly longer then previous ones. I guess it's because I can tell myself that the projects that I'm creating are for my girls. I want them to be able to have a feel for what their itty bitty lives consisted of during these semi-sweet & innocent days. However, the girls' separate books are now totally finished (finally!) & for the moment I have moved on to a book for my 6 year old nephew and a wedding album for us. I'm excited about both of these projects, but I really can't wait to get them done & start back on our "family" albums, honestly. Only about 70 pages to go and I'll officially be "caught up"... jeesh!

On a sad note, my hubby's grandfather passed away last Sunday. The viewing is today, and we have decided to take the girls. The older one has been to a couple of viewings before, but hasn't really been old enough to understand any of it. This time, she's five and very inquizative. She knows great-grandpa died & went to heaven. And she actually seemed half-way excited when I told her that he wouldn't need his wheel chair in heaven anymore. It is so sweet the way their little minds work sometimes. So trusting. Such FAITH that things are as they should be. It's beautiful. We'll see how everything goes this evening. It ought to be a little interesting, and a lot sad. My grandfather-in-law was a wonderful man.

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