Meet Bunny


This is Bunny. She is the member of our family who is rarely spoken about. She joined our family long ago when our oldest daughter was about a year old. We were shopping. She was riding in the stroller. Out of nowhere, she reached out of the stroller and grabbed this small satin-edged blanket with a stuffed bunny head in the middle of it right off the shelf. Not wanting a screaming fit, I let her hold onto it. By the time we got to check-out, it was completely covered in drool. That was the moment she became an official member of the family. From that time, Bunny and our big girl have been practically inseparable. She plays with her (yes, she is a girl bunny, regardless of the bowtie), she eats with her & she most definitely sleeps with her. Wherever she goes, BUNNY goes too - although sometimes we insist she stay in the car (Bunny, not the girl ;o) This poor thing has been washed a billion times, paws stitched up twice so far, and is very obviously VERY loved.

Last night was almost the end of the world. Bedtime came around and Bunny was MISSING. This happens more often then not at bedtime, but we can usually track her down fairly quickly. Not this time. We scoured the house and car for 40 minutes. The poor child was hysterical. There was no way she was going to sleep without beloved Bunny. I was worried we had forgotten it at school, in which case, NOBODY was getting any sleep. Ugh. FINALLY, FINALLY my dear hubby found it right where I swear I had looked 3-4 times already. No matter. The day was saved & Bunny was snug in her rightful place in the crook of her best friend's sleeping arm. Thank goodness.

New rule: Bunny stays home, the only exception being if she's spending the night somewhere else. And while we're gone, she stays on the bed. End of story. And oddly enough, the girl is fine with it. Must have really scared her, the thought of her being gone forever. God help us if that thing ever up and runs away...

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