Can you say OBSESSED?

Okay, so yeah. I have a little bit of an obsessive personality. Anytime I find a new thing to spend most of my waking thoughts on, it tends to become just that. An obsession. Right now it is scrapbooking. Not a BAD obsession to have, except for maybe on the wallet ;o) I am working madly on the girls' books & have actually been making some headway! One of my good online friends challanged me to a January "scrap-a-thon", which really means we use the strong influences of peer pressure to force ourselves to try and catch up on something we should have done a long time ago... and it appears to be working! ha! I officially have "first year" scrapbooks completed for each of my girls. I am also 3/4 of the way through a "Toddler years" book for the elder one, and I'm looking forward to starting a book for my nephew once this Toddler one is out of the way. Oh, that still leaves me, say, more than a year behind, but at least I'm accomplishing something.

At this time, I also seem to have a side-obsession. This happens occasionally, but not often. But this is the worst kind of obsession. It is one that I have absolutely NO control over. You see, I want a house. A SPECIFIC house. There are several obsticals in the way of achieving that dream though - money, for one. Then of course there's the fact that our current house has not only NOT SOLD, but it isn't even listed on the market right now! And the thought of getting it cleaned up to the point of being able to list it is so daunting. Hopefully in a month or two I can start to focus on that. Life just seems so BUSY all the time.

So, between my two current obsessions, my brain is pretty full of crazy thoughts these days. Maybe that's why I've been having so much trouble focusing at work? Ah, who knows... now what is it that am I suppose to be doing again?

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Robin said...

Omygosh, Ang, not only am I your "partner is scrapbooking crime," I also have an obsessive personality. That's how my kitchen got painted! lol! It's been SO FUN doing the scrap-a-thon with you! Without you, I'd have less done in the kids' albums as well as my wedding album! I LOVE your blog! Maybe I should try one....hmm...maybe I should just try to accomplish what I HAVE going on!!