Back to a little bit of normalcy

It's back to work and school today for us girls. I'm actually a little relieved to be back to a bit of a normal routine. I have always been one of those that thrives on routine, so it's not that surprising. I loved being able to spend more time with my girls, but let me tell you, I know for a fact that I am NOT cut out for the stay-at-home-mom thing. Ideally, I would work part time (mostly for my sanity), but be able to spend more than a few waking hours with them a day. Perhaps some day, but for now it's out of the question. I'll just say that it's nice to occassionally be able to say, go to the bathroom or sit quietly undisturbed for more than 22 seconds at a time. That's all.

We did have some enjoyable moments during our 11 days home together. I tried to get out once a day for a little bit to wear them out. We went to the store, to lunch with mom and the such. It was nice (when I wasn't pulling my hair out b/c someone is screaming, climbing up my leg or begging for "mo! mo!" juice). We colored & I tried to do a couple of crafty things with them. Here they are coloring on the kitchen floor. I ran across some long rolls of paper & I traced their bodies for them to color. It was fun!

They were both really ready to get back this morning too. Toddler girl went running into her classroom without so much as a kiss goodbye! I ran to get my kissy of course, but it's nice to see she's so comfortable there. Big girl was flat-out excited this morning because it's HER big day. Today my first sweet babe turns FIVE. Where oh where did those years go?

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