The ever loving binky

I stand outside your door and listen to you wail. It hurts. Me more than you. I have a goal to have you off the pacifier by March when you turn two, but the week home with you seems like the perfect opportunity. You sleep without it at school. I know it's just a routine at home - and you expect it. You looked up at me with these confused, sobbing eyes. Pointing across the room wailing "babaaaa, babaaaa". Would I be a bad mom to give in? Just for now? Would it show you that crying gets you what you want? Of course. But it hurts, and I hate it. You don't understand. Do you wonder if I don't know it's missing? Do you wonder if I am trying to torture you? You don't know it's for the best. I never had to do this before. Your sister was a thumb sucker & dropped it on her own. I can still hear you crying over the typing, over the tv, over your sister singing quietly to herself. I want to go to you and hold you. Rock you and just give in. What do I do? What do I do? Maybe just this once. Maybe I'm not the best mom. Maybe that's okay for us. We'll try again tomorrow.

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1 comment:

Robin said...

You're an awesome mom and it's just a bink. No worries, mama! I promise she won't attend Kindergarten with it!!