It was a merry one, as Christmas's go


Christmas has always a little bitter sweet for me during these "grown up years". I don't really know why. I suppose it's the fact that my other half has always been a bit of a scrooge, and of course that puts a damper on my holiday cheer. It's been better since the kids were born, but now it's the overwhelmingness of it all that gets me a little down. An overwhelming number of places to go and people to see. An overwhelming number of gifts to buy and try to afford. But the biggest thing is the overwhelming amount of gifts that we truck home from those places that we visit. We try to keep the number of gifts at home down since we know that SO (and I mean SOOO) many additional gifts for the kids (and ourselves for that matter) will be adding to the pile by December 26th. And I just feel that with SO many gifts being thrown at them at once, it's hard for the girls to appreciate any of it. Sure, they love getting presents, but who can play with 50 different toys all at once in the same day? And really, once I find a place to "keep" it, it's likely not to be seen again for months.
It's not that I don't appreciate how many people love us and our children. I really do. I am ever so grateful for that. I just wish we had more space to put it all! I think this time last year was when I seriously started considering a move. And this year has brought it all back to my mind. We need more room. And not just to store the mountains of toys. We just need more space to stretch out. More space to store things. I suppose we'll be putting the house back on the market come March or so. I just hope we have a better outcome than the last go-round. Merry Christmas, by the way.

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