Busy, busy holiday days

There is always a lot going on this time of year, but this year just seems like more. More hustling. More bustling. More plans, parties & plays. But in the midst of it all, I'll admit that I really do love it. ALMOST all of it, that is ;o) Alas, my shopping is DONE! Yes, you read it - almost 2 complete weeks left and I'm officially done. Of course there is a lot of wrapping to do, but at least now the money has been spent and I can at least stop freaking about not being able to pay for it all. AND I did manage to do it all without that evil credit card this year. A huge accomplishment for me, I must say. Here's to starting in October!

One of my favorite plans this year is a get-away weekend with my girls, my mom, my aunt & nephew. A weekend away at a cozy lodge (with a pool!) There's no better way to relax and try to unwind before the holidays really hit the fan. I'm mostly looking forward to the change of scenery. Two more days & we're on our way! Big-girl is counting down the days with me, during which we have discovered that she is able to SUBTRACT! I had no idea. She reacted like "well, duh, mom"... Anywhoo, I'm proud.

I even managed to finish making my Christmas cards & start distributing them (all 38 of them!) I'm pretty excited to show them off. I'm trying to pretend that people don't just toss them aside with the rest of the cards, although I really know better. Ah well. I enjoyed making them. Now wish me luck on getting all the rest of it done. The cleaning (who knew so much pre-cleaning goes into getting your carpets professionally cleaned?! There was 4 years of who-knows-what under my sofa! ick), the wrapping, the cookie-making, the party-planning, the party-ing, the clean-up, the santa-ing and all the rest. Ought to be fun.

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Anonymous said...

ooh, I loved mine, but I see that holly one and it is beautiful too!!