This weekend was nice. Chilly, but the fireplace helped cure that in no time. Saturday we had our first (of many) Thanksgiving feasts. His side (well, one of them). Food was great, the kids had fun playing with cousins they rarely see, and did I mention the food was great? I love traditional Thanksgiving foods, I have to say. So Saturday I was thankful for Turkey. And mashed potatoes. And green bean casserole, noodles and oh, pumpkin pie. Mmm. Makes me want some now. Oh, but not to worry... we have 3 additional feasts to attend yet ;o)

Sunday I learned that I am eternally thankful for wallpaper steamers! It turns out that mom's kitchen paper must have been applied with a thick coat of superglue or something. Fun. The steamer made all the difference though. And I'm anxious to see the finished product.

This morning so far I am thankful that everyone took their respective medications with ease (including both girls for colds and the dog for her ear infection). Which brings me to something else that I am thankful for, but should have been written last week... We had to take our dog to the vet last Mon. b/c she had this fast-growing-felt-like-fluid-totally-gross lump in her left ear. Turns out it was an abcess caused by an ear infection. They had to do surgery to drain it & she's on crazy ear drops & antibiotic pills that we have to hide in cheese to get her to take. And after all the termoil and money spent, I am thankful that she is okay. She is such a sweet girl.

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