That time already


As usual, time continues to fly by without us hardly noticing. Until one day, the baby (that I swear was a BABY yesterday) can suddenly hold little conversations with you. Okay, one-word responses to questions (which to many probably all sound like the same word - "ish" - but I miraculously understand) and head shakes & bobs might not be considered real conversations to all. But in our little life, it's a huge jump forward. She knows what she wants, and finally (FINALLY!) she can communicate what that might be! I can't even tell you how helpful it is not to have to guess... "the shoe? you want the shoe?" "AAAAAAAAARRRGGGHH!" "Okay, not the shoe. Is it the doll? Want this cute little dolly?" But that's not it either. She points frantically at some mystery item across the room sceaming for it... Hopefully those days will soon be over. She's now saying quite a few words, asking for things, answering yes or no's perfectly. And I SWEAR this girl understands EVERY word we say. A quiet genius I tell you...well, not so quiet anymore.

Saturday we put up our tree. Well, the big girl and I did. It was fun and it looks cute, as usual. She was so excited that she was big enough to really help me this year. I remember when it was impossible to even try to do something like that with her in the room, awake. She's actually a big help now. And she's going to be five. FIVE! in a little over a month...
Oh, but the kicker of the whole day was when my little helper brought her little sister into the room after a nap and presented to her this giant TREE standing in our living room. The reaction was priceless! And lucky me, I captured the moment to forever be remembered. Just look at this face. It was priceless. And she thinks it's the coolest thing ever!

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