Thanksgiving week

It's finally here. Only a few more days of this "thankful crap"... just kidding! I've actually rather enjoyed my little stent of remembering to be thankful. In fact, maybe I'm a little thankful that I think I might have learned a thing or two from it ;o)

Things I am thankful for today: It was another nice weekend. Got some more Christmas shopping done. Had a nice Sunday with just my girls and me. Got some stuff done around the house & piddled around the yard. It was chilly, but the big girl insisted she was feeling "clogged up" in the house! lol. So out we went, to the rarely-used swingset. The little one actually went down the BIG slide all on her own! (funny, since her older sister just got the courage to do that LAST SUMMER) Anywho... got the rotten jack-o-lanterns thrown out & stuff like that. It was nice to be outside. That's so much of the reason I'd love to move to the suburbs. Going for walks, playing outside on the sidewalks, having a fenced yard & a street where people don't drive a thousand miles an hour so I don't have to hover over the children like a giant mommy leach so much. We even collected leaves & took them inside to make "leaf prints". I love doing things like this. So why is it we don't do them more often? Oh yea. I'm working. Or exhausted. Or maybe a little lazy sometimes... But I will try harder to spend more quality time with them. I promise. I'll start right now by going in & rocking the baby back to sleep for the 2nd time tonight already... nighty night.

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