Remember that bit about "2 clean bills of health" in my story about the dr visit the other day? You can cross that out of your mind. The baby is sick. Well, she's been fighting a stomach something for about 10 days (in the exploding diaper form). Now on top of that, she has developed this aweful "croupy" cough way down deep in her little throat. It sounds aweful. Took her BACK to the dr (let me mention here that these things ALWAYS HAPPEN right after a regular appointment to the pediatrician) where she got poked & prodded, which she just loves (yeah, right) and a breathing treatment. So, now she's on cough/decongestant stuff, a steroid to help with her inflamed bronchials and some kind of "PRO-biotic" that is suppose to help regulate her "system" back to normal. This one I have to crush half a pill and mix with applesauce twice a day. So far, she's oblivious. THAT, I am thankful for. Actually, she seems to take all of them pretty well (knock on wood). She did actually sleep all night though and sounds much better this morning. At least she's starting to get her voice back and sounds less and less like a baby velosa raptor from Jurassic Park...

The big girl also seems to have a perpetual cough going on as well. She loves her grape syrup though, and for now it seems to be helping some. Cross your fingers this one goes away on it's own.

I am thankful though that none of this is any worse than it actually is. I was slightly worried about pnemonia or something horrible like that. I'm also thankful that they were both able to go to school today and were both in great spirits this morning. And that I'm almost done making my Chrismas cards for this year! I still need to do about 7 more (out of 35!) and do the addressing and such, but I'm getting there. I am also utterly thankful that the big change at work this week *seems* to be going smoothly so far. Keep your fingers crossed for me though! You know how much I hate change.

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