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Let me start by saying that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days. There is just absolutely too much going on. Have I ever mentioned that my husband is likely the most accident-prone person on the planet Earth? Between back surgery, shoulder surgery, a new knee injury that may lead to surgery plus many, many, many other less significant ones, with him, it's simply one thing after another. I'm beginning to really try to enjoy the short times in between recovery and the next one. I love the man to death. And it just kills me to see him in so much pain all the time. But I have to tell you, you start to lose sympathy after so long. I can't help it. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm doing 98% of this parenting thing on my own so much of the time. He can't keep the baby by himself. He can't pick them up from school. He can't even mow the grass. But, I can't do it unless I find a sitter for a couple of hours! However, he is honestly the best Dad I could have asked for to father my children. Seriously. To watch him play with the girls -- they absolutely adore him. As do I. I just wish he had a little more luck in the physical injury department...

We did decide to take the house off the market for the winter though. That helps a lot with my stress. The whole keeping the house spotless all the time with two very active little girls is next to impossible. I think we are going to take this time to do a couple of things to the house that will hopefully help it sell in the spring, plus make it a little more enjoyable to live in in the meantime. It's got me a little excited to have a little project to work on, too ;o)

The girls are staying busy. The preschooler is doing the cheer class & swim lessons, and the (shall I call her) toddler will be moving on to the next room (toddler/transition room) at daycare next week! How fast they grow... And I feel like I can officially say that she's now off the bottle too! We were down to just one at bedtime for the past couple of months, but she really enjoyed it. And it seemed to be the only way she would sit still long enough to cuddle & wind down before bed. But the past two nights, she's been just fine with a quick cuddle time with mommy & off to bed. Yay! Now we need to work on the pacifier... but the way life is now, that's looking more like a couple of months down the road.

We also went to a fall festival with the hubby's dad & step-mom over the weekend. It was great fun & the girls each brought home a pumpkin, plus gourds that we painted. A really great day in the midst of my chaotic life.

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