Spinning away the days...


Okay, okay, so I know it's been entirely too long since my last blog. But, we've been busy.

We took a day off last week and went to the zoo! The girls loved it, as usual. We tried to see different animals from when the girls and I went with mom in April, and it was actually easy! There's just so much to see. Our "totally pink" preschooler loved the flamingos best of all, and babygirl seemed to love the carosel and food best ;o)

Over the long weekend, we also ripped up the kids' bathroom floor and replaced it. It was one of those things the inspector suggested when we were SUPPOSE to be selling our house months ago, so we thought we'd better go ahead and do it. It still needs some finishing touches, but I think it turned out really nice looking! Big girl keeps referring to it as her "new bathroom" - she's pretty excited about it.

She also started taking "tiny cheer" classes last week. Yes, I know. I've never actually been the "cheerleading" type, but boy-oh-boy is she. She fits the "bill" to a tee ;o) And she absolutely loves it. Just remind me never to attempt to take the now extremely-active-toddler with me to try and "watch" this 50 minute class... talk about a disaster! We'll have to come up with an alternative plan for Monday nights... Today I'm also going to try and sign her up for swim lessons. We actually got to go swimming (for the first time this year...) at a family Labor Day party this week & I was reminded just how much she LOVES the water (the little one LOVED it too! Maybe we'll sign up for the mommy & me swim class this winter) We're both pretty excited about the lessons, but of course there goes one more evening a week...

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shiraz. said...

Ah, I remember when my mom made me take swimming lessons for the first time. I was so terrified of the water and never had a good time. The pictures she took during the swimming lessons were always of me crying. Now that I look back, it was really funny. Your blog is really cute! I wish I could go back to those days. :)