A "Not-So Fair" Deal...


It's that time again... Yep - County Fair time! Oh, not a big deal, you say? Ha! I guess you're not from around here, huh? I've never heard of any other community being so completely obsessed with that one week in the summertime when people flock to the fairgrounds as if it will never come around again. It is, afterall, just about the ONLY thing that ever happens in these parts, so I guess I can sort of understand. I, PERSONALLY, don't see the big deal. But then, I don't have farm animals or kids with endless 4H projects and booths to decorate and maintain and all of that hoopla. Some people just really get into it.

Anyway, yes - we always go. Of course. I DO have to work at the merchants booth for my place of business, so that forces me out there. Actually, all the yummy fair food that you can't find anywhere else in the world are what lure me the most ;o) We went out Friday night. The kids loved it! We had lots to eat, checked out the animals and played some games. Our oldest has always been a bit of a scaredy-cat when it comes to big animals (she freaked out in the manitee exhibit at the zoo - and then again in the cow barn of all places!) The blooming toddler, however, couldn't be more excited! She would wave at every 4-legged creature she laid eyes on. And she even got to pet a cow while older sis coward back in the wagon. They really couldn't be any more different. For being such great sisters and actually great friends to boot, they are complete and total opposites, and always have been. So we trotted home around 8 o'clock with our funnel cakes, sugar waffles and a goldfish in a bag... whom sadly has already reached his demise. She took it well, but of course has a giant hole in her heart now where that flounder use to be. And, the loving parents that we are, tonight we're on a mission to find that perfect replacement. Wish us luck.

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