Toddler Speak


According to my favorite baby info website, about 75% of normal 15-month-olds should be saying at least five words consisting of "mama", "dada" and at least 3 other nouns. Now, my babygirl is a smart one. You can just see those wheels turning as she figures things out. She knows how to (sort of) brush her hair, look through a book, clap when she knows she's done well, feed herself like a champ and so much more... The thing is, she really only says a couple actual WORDS. The two that we can understand for sure are "dad" and "sis". So, does that mean SIS is her replacement word for "MAMA"??? Oh, sure, we turn her "ZIS" or "ZISHA" (for sister) is to things like "this" (which seems to be THE word of the week - or month) or her daycare teacher even turns it into a quick "Teresa!", but I'm not so sure. She waddles around the house day after day in her still-trying-to-figure-out-this-walking-business drunken way, excaiming "ZIS! ZIS! ZISHA! ZIS!....DADADA!" over and over. It's adorable. Although, I can admit, I can't help but feel a little jealous. Oh, it's so obvious that she loves her dad & sissy to pieces, but at the same time, everyone can see that I'M her favorite :o) I'm her mama (whether she can say it or not), and I am her world. And I confess, I LOVE it. I love being the only one she runs to when she gets a booboo, or the only one who can cuddle her to sleep at night and wipe her tears away. I love the way not just her face, but her whole body lights up with excitment when I walk in the room. I'm not really so worried about her words. They'll come when she's ready, I know. Just like walking and everything else, she's doing it all on her own terms, unlike her BY THE BOOK big sister ;o) And that's fine. My little bug is all mine for now, and the first time that "mama" comes out, I know it'll be like magic.

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