Simple Pleasures

I've found that it's getting harder and harder to keep focused on those little simple pleasures in life. What, with the family chaos and work and everything in between, who has time for the little fun things? One thing that I've managed to keep doing over the past years is following my favorite little comic strip. I have the advantage of reading the whole next week's worth of "For Better or For Worse" every Friday when I download them for the newspaper, and it's something I look forward to every Friday. Fridays are one of my busiest days at work, but since I'm downloading them anyway, I manage to allow myself a couple of minutes to read ahead. The funny part about "For Better or For Worse" is the fact that it always seems to parallel my life somehow. Mike and Dana had their second child at the same time that I had our first, so that was fun to read. Right now, the John & Elly are in the midst of moving and all that -- well, at least that's something I WISH I was in the midst of... Anyway, it's just kind of fun to give myself these moments... there are so few for me left these days.

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