Effort of every measure


A little over a week ago, our 4-and-a-half-year-old taught herself how to whistle. She was SO proud of herself -- and so was I! And then, just like that, it was like something clicked inside her head and she simply HAD to share it with us. As if it were common sense to the whole entire world..."Since I know how to whistle now, I don't need to suck my thumb anymore!" --- Okay. I can run with that! I decided to encourage this little (but actually BIG) idea of hers with a chart and stickers, promising a day trip to the zoo if she can make it a whole month. Boy, I never in a million years thought she would make it, but so far so good! NINE days and counting. She is making a very strong effort and I couldn't be more proud. The only slip-ups she's had is for five minutes here or there when she's completely sound asleep at daycare. She doesn't use it to fall asleep though, and that to me is an achievement all in itsself!

In the meantime, our lil' bug is suddenly into EVERYTHING!! She'll be 16 months this weekend, and she's like night and day just over the past two weeks. Now, of course we already had most of the house babyproofed from the first time around, but there were just some things, some cupboards, some cabinets, some TOILETS (!) that our first just never seemed to venture into. This one, however, is not leaving a single nook or cranny unexplored. In fact, over the weekend, my cousin's daughter's shoe came up missing after my babe stole it off her foot. Where did we find it 20 minutes later??? In my grandma's toilet with the lid closed! Ha! (well, gross, but still ha ;o) It's looking like I'll be heading back to the babyproofing aisle once again... (sigh).

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