A "Toddler"?


The kids go to a daycare center & I've really liked it over the past 3 years with them. There are different rooms for different age groups, and that's great. My older one started going there at 18 months, which put her right at the age to enter a "Transitional Room" (for kids in between the infant & toddler rooms). I really liked it because there's only 5 little ones in the class and they get more undivided attention in there. My little one joined the Infant Room at just 8 weeks old. I have REALLY liked the teachers in there & the environment & everything. So, now my little bug is 16 months old, and they want to start transitioning her into the "Transition Room" (meaning she spends just a couple hours a day over there a couple days a week, just to get use to it all). Yesterday was her very first day in this "big girl room". Let me say, if everything I heard about those 4 hours is true, they've discovered a whole other side to this little girl that none of us have ever seen! They say she did great. They say was a little confused at first, but then ate her lunch very well (nothing new there) and even LAID DOWN ON A COT AND PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP (!!!) That is SO hard to imagine. This girl likes her rocking, cuddling, and is about the most active child ever. Usually, there's no way to keep her from even standing on furniture, running around screaming like a wild child, and the like. How on earth do they do it? She's use to a crib. She's use to needing to be coddled to sleep. Maybe it was the new environment? Maybe she'd worn herself out with excitement? Whatever it was, WOW.

Now, I have such mixed feelings about this giant leap in baby-kind. I'm excited that she's growing & developing & ready for new things. It's just...she seems SO little. She seems like SUCH a baby. Not at all like those other kids in the Toddler & Transitional rooms. Is she ready? Are they just pushing her over there to make room for new infants? According to her first day of "practice", I guess she just may be close to ready. But who really knows. All I know is this little "toddler" of mine is growing up way too fast. I just wish I could slow it down a bit. Just enough to really enjoy it (and not simply GET THROUGH it).

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