A hairy situation

So, I was about sick of the in-between phase my trying-to-grow-it-out hair has been in, so on a whim, I decided to make an appointment and get it all hacked off on Tuesday. And... just about everyone I know keeps telling me how much the LOVE it short on me and how it's "my do" and how I should keep it up. Three problems: 1) The hubby HATES it. He's always been (and always will be) a long-hair-lady-liking man. Alright, he hasn't come right out and said he hates it, but it's so obivious. He keeps staring at my head and saying things like "I guess I have to get use to it..." and such. I know, It's my head, right? And he'll learn to live with it. But the question is -- can I? And that brings us to 2) I'm not so sure I'm really liking it. Oh, it's okay, but it's SHORT. Really short. Can't do a thing with it short. Yes, it will grow, I know. Which segways nicely into 3) The growing out phase of this one will be 10x worse that what I did to it before, which in turn caused me to do this in the first place! Ugh. A vicious cycle it is.

Here is the new 'do - from just about every angle...

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