No news is not always good news.

So, after nearly a week of the people who had signed a contract to buy our house avoiding the realtor's phone calls, we finally get the word. If they can't use the lender they originally wanted to, then they don't want the house...

Needless to say, we're shocked. Baffled. Extremely disappointed. I can't even stand to be at the house right now because it's mostly packed up in boxes - thanks to the idiots pushing us for an even speedier occupancy than the speedy one we'd already agreed upon. We had been packing like mad. There is no way I can bring myself to unpack everything!

Oh, and we had to sign a release from our contract on the house we were buying because we can't afford both houses. She had a back-up offer and she needed to sell NOW to get into her new house. I completely understand her side. But it SUCKS. I'm just so sad about it all. I know, it just wasn't meant to be. IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE. Everyone keeps reminding me of that. I'm just still so disappointed and frustrated by it all. I just wish it hadn't gone so far & we'd already spent so much money on it all.

But life will go on. We will continue to look for a new house, and we will continue to try to sell ours. Someday things will work out. We will find that perfect new place to fill with our things and to raise our children in. It's just that patience is something I really need to work on. Maybe this is all a tool to help me with that.

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